Welcome to the Red Sea tourism area of china! 
Into The Red Sea

The Red Sea China ecological tourism zone is located in the town of Pengxi County, Suining City, Bao fan, a total area of 8 square kilometers. Department of 100 new Chinese established contribute to the hero, proletarian strategist Kuang Ji Hoon held in 1929, one of the main battlefield and Peng uprising, composed of Longdong town and BaoFan temple area two.Longdong area including Sichuan town to commemorate the first establishment of the Soviet regime of the Red Square, to local residential buildings based on the local culture of Bashu show Longdong Town, covers an area of 1000 acres of Qinglong lake, covers an area of 3000 acres of ecological forest color, the main attractions are the red culture exhibition hall, Hongqiao, the Red Army wells, farming culture exhibition good angel Museum, cultural corridor, Qinglong temple, palace, Wenchang Pavilion, Hong Ji Shu courtyard, Pleioblastus bay...

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