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  • Agricultural culture exhibition hall

    This building is scattered in the traditional residential buildings in Pengxi County, was founded in the late

  • Blue Dragon Temple

    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the site is located in Pengxi County town of huaihua The original temple is the

  • Xiangxi Ge

    Was built in 26 years, the site is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, is the landlord daughter of Liu W

  • Discussed the cultural corridor

    Good angel is a part of Chinese traditional folk culture The sun moon, mountains and rivers, maintain Xianxi

    Chinese Red Sea area is located in Sichuan Pengxi County town of Bao Fan Village Huashan Hongxing reservoir - Lotus Temple area, from the South Expressway Exit 1 kilometers, taking Hongxing reservoir as the core, the planning area of 8 square kilometers, the first phase of the project started construction in January 2009, completed in December 2013, opened in October 2013, in May 2014 to create a national 4A level scenic spots.
Pengxi has a long history, the county built in the reign of Tang Tianbao, named county has been built 1600 years. At present, the county has 5 national key cultural relics protection units, the provincial cultural relics protection units 2, the municipal, county and various cultural relics protection more than 700 points, the heritage resource ownership is among the highest in the province, the relics of Sichuan County, so Pengxi has always enjoyed the "five history of the township" and "Zi Dong Zou Lu", the "literature of the state".
Pengxi tourism core resources for the calligraphy (painting) culture, religious culture, red culture, ecological culture of the four categories.
In June 29, 1929, Kuang Ji Hoon launched the "Pengxi uprising", created the first in Sichuan road and China Red Army First Red political power in Sichuan County of Pengxi Soviet government in Pengxi". Pengxi "poetry and calligraphy" style of ancient heritage, splendid sight, at present, the county has a population of more than 15000 people of all kinds of calligraphy. 2000 to 2010, the Ministry of culture has awarded the three Pengxi County, the hometown of Chinese calligraphy, the title, in the country to enjoy a high degree of visibility. In 2004 2012, Sichuan province and Chongqing City Writers Association has established in Pengxi creation base and Literature Exchange Center; 2006, 2013, Jiufeng BaoFan Temple Temple, ancient buildings, Pengxi mountain peak Kuige, Hui Yan temple hall is the State Council has promulgated a national key cultural relics protection units. Pengxi is also the birthplace of the world intangible cultural heritage "music", is the province's Provincial Cultural advanced counties, Ping County in Sichuan Province, the second batch of Municipal County pilot counties.

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