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  • Agricultural culture exhibition hall

    This building is scattered in the traditional residential buildings in Pengxi County, was founded in the late

  • Blue Dragon Temple

    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the site is located in Pengxi County town of huaihua The original temple is the

  • Xiangxi Ge

    Was built in 26 years, the site is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, is the landlord daughter of Liu W

  • Discussed the cultural corridor

    Good angel is a part of Chinese traditional folk culture The sun moon, mountains and rivers, maintain Xianxi

    Shu courtyard is located in Chinese Red Sea area in Sichuan province Suining City Bao Fan town of Pengxi County, State Road 318 line.
Total planning area of 8495 square meters, construction area of 7077 square meters, covers an area of 2775 square meters, with a total investment of 28 million. Main site of Xindu District of Chengdu Shu Jia Tuo, later renamed Shu Jia ancestral temple, covers an area of 200 acres, built in the mid Ming Dynasty, Chuanximinju architectural style, wooden grey tile structure; Shu courtyard wing, Sichuan Anyue County JiuGongTu stage site eighteen temple one of the "heavenly palace", covers an area of 210 square meters. In 2010, the Red Sea Company will be home to the courtyard and the overall relocation of the palace in the Red Sea area, and the protection of the restoration. New planning and construction of the villa area with a total area of more than 889.26 square meters, a total of three houses, two houses have been put into use in 2013, the construction area of 1877.71 square meters, the current third villas are under construction.
Shu courtyard is a set of dining, accommodation, entertainment, business negotiations and tourism as one of the comprehensive four star farmhouse. The dining area can accommodate 300 people dining at the same time, consisting of 4 rooms and 1 halls; residential area has more than 30 rooms; leisure area can accommodate 60 people at the tea bar and leisure places; business district has a small conference rooms each 1, can accommodate more than 50 people in business negotiations; the hospital has open Pavilion, all kinds of plants and Shu's Expo, for tourists sightseeing tourism.
Environmental health and safety facilities complete, standard; a sound management system. Employees have full capacity for civil conduct, physical health. In 2012 by the Sichuan provincial rural tourism service quality assessment committee for the assessment of the four star farm". Has not been a major security incidents, service, food quality zero complaint.
The Red Sea China ecological tourism zone is located in the town of Pengxi County, Suining City, Bao fan, a total area of 8 square kilometers. Department of 100 new Chinese established contribute to the hero, proletarian strategist Kuang Ji Hoon held in 1929, one of the main battlefield and Peng uprising, composed of Longdong town and BaoFan temple area two.
Longdong area including Sichuan town to commemorate the first establishment of the Soviet regime of the Red Square, to local residential buildings based on the local culture of Bashu show Longdong Town, covers an area of 1000 acres of Qinglong lake, covers an area of 3000 acres of ecological forest color, the main attractions are the red culture exhibition hall, Hongqiao, the Red Army wells, farming culture exhibition good angel Museum, cultural corridor, Qinglong temple, palace, Wenchang Pavilion, Hong Ji Shu courtyard, Pleioblastus bay.
BaoFan temple area includes the national cultural relics protection unit BaoFan temple and rural tourism zone. BaoFan temple was built in the period of Kitasong Emunejira, formerly known as the ocean institute. Jhihping first year (1064 AD) Zhao song Yingzong "BaoFan temple chici summerheat". BaoFan temple to the main hall of Ming Dynasty Murals murals inside is renowned at home and abroad, with the San Wu Daozi, was known as the "Zen religious show track", the majority of believers is regarded as "the painting". BaoFan temple is a national cultural relics protection units.
China Red Sea eco tourism area is a red culture, folk culture and tourism, a collection of tourism, leisure, entertainment, sports, blessing, vacation and other tourist attractions of the eco-tourism resort.

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