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  • Agricultural culture exhibition hall

    This building is scattered in the traditional residential buildings in Pengxi County, was founded in the late

  • Blue Dragon Temple

    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the site is located in Pengxi County town of huaihua The original temple is the

  • Xiangxi Ge

    Was built in 26 years, the site is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, is the landlord daughter of Liu W

  • Discussed the cultural corridor

    Good angel is a part of Chinese traditional folk culture The sun moon, mountains and rivers, maintain Xianxi

Planning scope
Longdong Bay scenic area Pengxi county is located in the southern suburbs, to the north of Ren Village, South to the highway entrance, East, West Yan Qiao Cun Zeng Jia Dian cun. Including Ren Jia Qiao Cun Yan Qiao Cun, Jia Wan, Paradise Village, cold Lotus Temple, temple Bao fan Zeng Jia Dian Cun, Dong ditch village and BaoFan Temple scenic area. Covers an area of 8 square kilometers, the original ecological protection, resource is peculiar, health and longevity of paradise.
Nature of planning
This plan is the overall deployment planning period longdongwan scenic area tourism development and programme of action. Based on the analysis of tourism development of Longdong Bay scenic area and the surrounding areas of the background, situation, the development of tourism products as the core, through scientific positioning, reasonable layout, selection of projects, planning and optimization of line, various elements of the tourism industry, and guide the development of Longdong Bay Scenic Area construction and sustainable development of tourism science.
Planning objectives
The implementation of the scenic construction according to prominent landscape features, the unity of natural beauty and artificial beauty, the maintenance of ecological balance and optimum benefit principle, by value, space, tourism three breakthroughs leading to realize the core value, and the domestic tourism industry showed rapid growth in recent years, based on the momentum of the future development of Suining, Pengxi calligraphy City strategic planning gradually implemented and the development of middle class in the second home, Longdong Bay scenic area, will become a "enjoy the natural ecological residence, green tourism destination", the pension industry demonstration base and the national 5A level scenic spots.
The county government has established the development strategy of "Fumin County, ecological education, cultural County, county industrial Xingxian". China Red Sea area has been listed as a key project in 13th Five-Year, the county government, to create and promote the upgrading of the Chinese Red Sea is an important starting point for the development of Suining into the Red Sea, the China Guanyin hometown, British Dead Sea, such as the ancient city of Langzhong in Northeast Sichuan important scenic area, is an important goal in 13th Five-Year; the construction of China Red Sea area supported by two the level of government of Suining City, Pengxi County, with the development of the construction of the strategic advantage. At present, the Red Sea China project has been listed as the province's 30 major tourism investment projects, the project is a major project in Suining City, Suining is also the only one project.

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