Welcome to the Red Sea tourism area of china! 
  • Agricultural culture exhibition hall

    This building is scattered in the traditional residential buildings in Pengxi County, was founded in the late

  • Blue Dragon Temple

    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the site is located in Pengxi County town of huaihua The original temple is the

  • Xiangxi Ge

    Was built in 26 years, the site is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, is the landlord daughter of Liu W

  • Discussed the cultural corridor

    Good angel is a part of Chinese traditional folk culture The sun moon, mountains and rivers, maintain Xianxi

Dining: Dining is the most important. Only after we are full could we have a great tour, so we should have nutritious and healthy food.
1. Do not change your dining habit too much. Pay attention to balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits.
2. Taste famous delicacy of various places, but do not eat too much for the sake of your digestion.
3. There are local-flavor snacks, melons and fruits from various places. Do not forget about environmental inadaptability.
Boarding: There is no need to choose expensive hotel, for we are here for tour, not sleeping, so clean and comfortable hotel would be fine.
1. Only with enough sleep could we enjoy an energetic tour the next day.
2. Taking a hot shower before going to bed helps your sleep.
3. Bedding should be clean and underwear should be changed, so that we could avoid infectious diseases.
Travel: When choosing a tourist destination, make sure that you can go in and out the place.
1. Buy return ticket beforehand.
2. Pay attention to safety when taking vehicles.
3. Buy a local map after arriving at a place, which can increase your knowledge about geography and avoid getting lost as well.
Tour: Tour is the key. Cooperating with tour guide can help you get more fun and knowledge.
1. Before travelling in a scenic spot, find and read related introductions, and combine reading with touring, which your tour more meaningful.
2. Cost of travel is the main expenditure for tour, so we should visit scenic spots near the destination if possible.
3. If you survey local markets related to your trade when visiting scenic spots, your tour will be more fruitful.
Shopping: Buying some interesting articles in alien places would be fun in tour.
1. Buy local specialties only.
2. Pay attention to fakery, be careful of getting tricked.
3. Bargain with your companions.
4. Do not buy heavy articles, which may burden your trip.
Entertainment: Proper entertainment can relax your urban stress.
1. Do not lose yourself in entertainment. Stop where it should stop and preserve physical strength.
2. Choose some local popular fun that you’ve never experienced.
3. Pay attention to safety. Do not go to improper places.

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